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The Jeffrey Prophecy Study Bible includes:

  • Marked reference system color-highlights 4 key themes for fast location: Prophecy (blue), Holy Spirit (green), Salvation (red), and Temporal Blessings (light green).
  • 1200 Textual notes at bottom of page reveal the meanings and significance of specific verses and provide cross-references to associated, larger articles.
  • Three dozen articles, up to three pages in length, provide in-depth understanding of crucial prophetic passages and concepts.
  • Introductory articles introduce prophetic terms and address a broad scope of topics that will help the reader to better understand biblical prophecy.
  • Opening article sheds light on the different theories of prophetic interpretation, allowing the reader to contrast and compare different theological views.
  • 13 full-color, in-text charts and 8 full-color, in-text maps give an instant sense of the big prophetic picture and the locations at which biblical events took place.
  • 90 page concordance helps readers find passages and conduct topical studies.
The Jeffrey Prophecy Study Bible also includes 8 standard, full-color maps and an index of maps in the back of the Bible; harmony of the Gospels; a subject index.

Available in the classic, poetic King James Version - this Bible helps Christians unlock the meanings of prophecy to focus their faith on the events of the world today...and tomorrow.

The Study Bible for Christians Who Want to Know What God's Word Says About the Future. With freight-train speed, we're hurtling toward a new millennium. The landscape of our world is changing with bewildering rapidity; monumental events rush past us in a blur. But as Christians, we know the train we're on is no runaway. God holds the throttle. He knows where the tracks lead. And in his Word, he's given us prophetic sign posts that can tell us where we are and what lies ahead....

The Jeffrey Prophecy Study Bible helps men and women discover what the Bible says about the future. Developed in response to today's growing interest in prophecy, this Bible guides its readers into an understanding of world events; and in an uncertain age, it helps them stand on the certainty of God's promises.

Jeffrey Prophecy Study Bible

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