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So many watch Grant Jeffrey's Prophecy Analysis TV program shown on TBN "Bible Prophecy Revealed" Wednesday 5:30pm (Pacific Time) & Thursday 10:00pm (Pacific Time). There have been many requests for these teaching programs.

The package includes 13 TV programs where Grant explores the fascinating prophecies that provide overwhelming evidence that the Bible demonstrates supernatural knowledge of the future - which powerfully points to the soon return of Jesus the Messiah in our generation.

Key Topics Include:

- World Events In Light Of Bible Prophecy
- Israel's Role In History And Prophecy
- The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel
- Daniel's Vision Of The Four Beasts
- The Revived Roman Empire
- Daniel's Vision Of The Ram And Goat
- The Two Witnesses & The 144,000 Witnesses
- Daniel's Vision Of The 70 Weeks
- The Great Tribulation
- The War Of Gog and Magog
- The Role Of Babylon In The Plan Of God
- The Four Horseman Of The Apocalypse
- The Battle of Armageddon

Bible Prophecy Revealed DVD Package

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