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Walking With Jesus - 9 Hours on 6 DVD discs.

Powerful: His Life, His Words, His Message and His Inspiration
Disc 1. From Bethlehem to Calvary-embark on a profoundly moving personal journey with Jesus as you visit the actual places where He ministered 2,000 years ago.
Disc 2. Psalms & Passion: Soul stirring music with magnificent views of Israel's Holy Land with cherished Christian hymns and Hebrew songs of praise.
Disc 3. Jesus the Great Debate: By Grant R Jeffrey-Stirring dramatizations and scholarly commentary explores the question that has divided those who believe and those who do not. Grant and his guests explores the question concerning the identity of Christ.
Disc 4. King of Kings: An unforgettable experience-musical celebration of the life of Jesus retold in powerful images, artistic homage and beloved Hymns and majestic Sacred music.
Disc 5. The Power of Prayer: Is captured in five inspiring and unforgettable true stories of men and women who turned to God for guidance and help.
Disc 6. In His Presence & Be Thou My Vision: Fill your heart and refresh your spirit with two musical programs that celebrate the magnificence of God's handiwork in the beautiful images and uplifting songs.

Walking With Jesus DVD Set

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