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GRANT JEFFREY explores the origin and motives of the Islamic terrorists that have declared war against America and the West. Examine the motives and plans of these terror groups and the states that support them. Learn how the powerful western alliance against terror will use our diplomatic, intelligence and military forces to destroy the Islamic terrorists that are trying to destroy our way of life.

  • The war on terror against Iraq was prophesied by Jeremiah 2500 years ago

  • Documented evidence shows Iraq is behind the terrorist attacks

  • Which nations support Islamic terror

  • Why Islamic terrorist hate America, Israel, and Arab governments

  • How America will defeat international Islamic terror

  • Remarkable surveillance technologies - astonishing new counter-terror weapons

  • The Identity of the Taliban - Pathan tribe - the Ten Lost Tribes

  • The War on Terror's impact on the PLO Israel conflict

  • The attack on Israel - America's key strategic ally in the Middle East

  • Russia's goal - to turn the coalition against Israel

  • The need for security versus our privacy and freedom

Grant Jeffrey writes....
Make no mistake. We are at war with international terrorism. While we are naturally concerned with the safety of our family and our nation, we need to realize that our security is in the hands of God.

Best selling author Grant Jeffrey explores the motives and plans of the Islamic terrorists that declared war on America. WAR ON TERROR examines the truth "behind the headlines" about this vital struggle that affects all of us. Learn how the American-led alliance will use our powerful intelligence and military forces to destroy the thousands of terrorists as well as the governments of Iraq, Sudan, and Yemen that support terrorism.

War On Terror - Unfolding Bible Prophecy - Book

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