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Will Jesus Christ literally return from heaven in the last days? Will Christ defeat evil and set up His kingdom on earth? Does the Bible prophesy that Jesus will establish a thousand-year millennial kingdom? After waiting for almost two thousand years, why should we believe that our generation might see the fulfillment of these prophecies? How should we answer critics who claim that these prophecies were fulfilled almost two thousand years ago when Jerusalem was destroyed? What did the early Church believe about the Second Coming,the Millennium, and the Antichrist?

The answers to these important questions are revealed in the fascinating research that is presented in this book. The evidence presented in Triumphant Return provides compelling proof that the Scriptures clearly taught that Jesus will return to earth at the end of this age to set up His kingdom on earth. You will discover overwhelming evidence that those in the early Church who lived closest in time to the apostles longed for the literal and imminent return and universally believed in the millennial kingdom. Finally, this book will explore the astonishing events that are taking place around the world that are fulfillments of the precise prophecies that the Scriptures recorded that point to the nearness of Christ's return.

Topics explored in this book:

1. The Importance of the Second Coming and the Kingdom of God
2. How Should We Understand Prophecy
3. What Did the Early Church Believe about the Second Coming?
4. Arguments and Evidence against Preterism
6. The Coming Millennial Kingdom of God
7. The Rapture: The Resurrection Prophecy
8. The Imminent Return of Christ for His Church
9. General Prophetic Signs of Christ's Second Coming
10. Unique Signs Pointing to the Second Coming
11. How Should We Respond to the Coming Kingdom of God?

Triumphant Return - Book

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