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The question of what happens to our soul when we die has perplexed and fascinated humanity throughout history. Numerous polls reveal an overwhelming interest in the question of the reality of life after death. The question of whether or not we actually survive death to live forever is a fundamental issue that will profoundly affect every aspect of our lives.

JOURNEY INTO ETERNITY explores the astonishing and compelling new evidence from scientific and medical experiments that strongly suggests that our soul can survive the death of our physical body. In this book we examine the remarkable evidence from doctors, scientists, death bed visions, and near death experiences that point to our survival of life's final hour.

JOURNEY INTO ETERNITY examines compelling evidence that we were created by God to live forever. After exploring the overwhelming evidence that we do survive after death, this book investigates the nature of immortality and our future life in eternity.

Topics explored in this book include:

  • Fascinating new scientific evidence that we can survive death
  • Medical experiments that point to the immortality of our soul
  • What happens the moment we die?
  • A balanced Christian evaluation of Near Death Experiences
  • Revelations from deathbed visions
  • Evidence that Jesus Christ truly rose from the dead
  • The promise of resurrection to live forever young
  • Revelations of Jesus about our eternal life

This book will challenge each reader to examine the powerful evidence that we are truly living in the last days and that Jesus Christ may well return in our lifetime. The final chapter invites the reader to respond to Jesus' invitation to place their faith in Him.

Journey Into Eternity - Book

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