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As we enter the new millennium we are experiencing an unprecedented assault on our privacy and freedom that is setting the stage for the totalitarian future global government of the coming Antichrist.

SURVEILLANCE SOCIETY will demonstrate the growing attack by government, corporations, and individuals on our private communications as well as our personal financial transactions. Every citizen needs to become aware of this unprecedented attack on our freedom and privacy.

SURVEILLANCE SOCIETY provides compelling evidence that we are witnessing the fulfillment of the ancient prophecies of the Bible about the events of the last days which will culminate in the Battle of Armageddon and the return of Christ to establish His eternal kingdom on earth. This well documented book warns that remarkable new surveillance technologies are creating "Big Brother" monitoring of every activity that was foretold two thousand years ago by the book of Revelation.

Topics explored in this book include:

  • Astonishing new surveillance technologies threaten our privacy
  • Your E-mail and Internet surfing are constantly monitored
  • Echelon global surveillance monitors all our calls and faxes
  • Plans of NATO and the UN to create world government
  • Electronic weapons for global economic war
  • The rise of Antichrist and the world's first super state
  • Every detail of your life is now available in a computer

This book will challenge each reader to examine the powerful evidence that we are truly living in the last days and that Jesus Christ may return in our generation. The final chapter invites the reader to respond to Jesus' invitation to place their faith in Him.

Surveillance Society - Book

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