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The Shroud of Turin reveals a mysterious image of a crucified man. After 25 years of research Dr. Kenneth Stevenson reveals new scientific and historical discoveries plus an ancient Christian manuscript that suggests the image may be that of Jesus Christ. If God chose to leave us with an image of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, would it look like the Shroud of Turin?

Millions of Christians became intensely interested in the Shroud when the photographs of the negative image were published in books, magazines, and newspapers throughout the world. These photos revealed a crucified body in extraordinary detail. The man of the Shroud it seemed, suffered and died very much the way the gospels say Jesus of Nazareth suffered and died.
The more we learn about the Shroud, the more likely it seems that the cloth is what it purports to be-the burial garment of Jesus Christ.

It almost seems that the Shroud's deepest secrets lay hidden for 2000 years until men invented scientific instruments sophisticated enough to detect them. Perhaps the age of sophisticated science is also the age which most needs to confront the man in the Shroud.

Dr. Stevenson brilliantly offers:
An open-minded look at both the old and new data on the Shroud and presents a critical but fair investigation of all worthwhile views. The Shroud has been subjected to over 150,000 hours of scientific testing. The results of these tests will astonish you.

Provides answers to outstanding questions of the Shrouds authenticity:

  • What about the discovery of the face cloth of Jesus
  • What are the problems with carbon 14 dating that must be challenged
  • Why have Israel's top scientists recently declared that the Shroud originated in Jerusalem and that it must have been woven before A.D. 760?
  • How does the image of the Shroud compare with what we know of Jesus' crucifixion and burial as recorded in the gospels?
  • The multiple blood stains on the Shroud are actually human blood. Could these stains be the blood of Jesus of Nazareth?
  • How plausible is the claim that this is a highly detailed image of Jesus as he lay in the tomb?
  • Why do all of the ancient paintings of Jesus of Nazareth bear an uncanny resemblance to the Shroud of Turin?
  • Why does a remarkable historical document of the early Christian Church refer directly to something mysterious about the burial cloth of Jesus?
  • How can so many things-history, art, legend, pollen, and religious tradition possibly line up by coincidence alone?
  • Brilliantly offers the possible conclusions about the origin of the image of the man buried in the Shroud.
  • Is the Shroud a freak occurrence of human genius?
  • Is the Shroud a freak occurrence of nature?
  • Is science and religion truly at war over the man in the Shroud?
  • Or...Is the Image a record of a known man-Jesus of Nazareth-at a known moment in history.

As a former spokesman for the STURP team, and one who participated in the investigation of the Shroud and is intimately familiar with the technical data and all their findings, Dr. Stevenson not only offers a straightforward balanced presentation of the known facts, but is also cautious in his evaluation of them. He impressively argues that the facts point strongly to two conclusions, that the Shroud is an actual archaeological artifact, and that it is the burial garment of Jesus.

This book honestly wrestles with the data (both old and new) and arrives at objective conclusions.

The Shroud may be important...the stakes are high!

What better evidence could God offer of His love to a technical generation than something that has stumped some of the best minds of their day, while at the same time revealing a depth of love few could even imagine.

Image Of The Risen Christ - Book

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